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Social Experiences

Urban Discovery Tour

Re-discover the city on two wheels or two feet. Take in beautiful natural views, backyard green laneway gems, and little known local stories. 

Craft Beer Tour

Go for an energizing ride, walk, or hike before hitting the terrasse! We offer multiple curated city tours with carefully chosen stope en route for craft beer + cider tastings (snacks included).

Street Art Mural Tour

From incredible 9-story high murals, to tucked away alleyway street art, we’ll show you the best pieces and tell the stories behind the art.

Bike & Spa Wellness

The ultimate treat. We lead you on an exhilarating bike ride, walk, or hike, then leave you at the Bota Bota nordic spa to relax.

Get Back to Bonding.

De-isolate, relax, and unwind for some much needed Covid destressing time. We’ll guide and entertain your team in an accessible and active way. You’ll discover fresh urban gems and explore behind the scenes in your own backyard.

Ride, walks, or hike to city and nature spots, and reward everyone with a tasting on a terrasse or a snack in the park. We take care of everything!

Excellent for:

Standard Package

Walking or Hiking


Starting price per person



Starting price per person

* based on group size of 10 or more

Customize & Add-On

Food & Drink


Photos & Branding

Departure Location

We are experts at building customized packages to deliver the best experiences for your team size, demographics, and event objectives. Send us your request, we're here to help.